About Us

myWay Lights, a brand of RAVI Renewable Energy & Lighting (India) Pvt Ltd, is India’s emerging efficient lighting technology service provider. It specializes in innovative, next-generation LED lighting solutions that improves lighting quality, efficiency, and enhances the environment through reduced energy consumption. myWay lighting goal is to serve the growing need for energy-efficient, sustainable and smart control solutions.


"Your Arena, I illuminate
Your solution, I accumate
Your productivity, I accelerate
Your Way, I abbreviate"

Believing in the light of life, let's
shine together with the most
thoughtful lighting solutions

Vision & Mission

To foster a culture that supports servicing of customers through a collaborative, partnership driven model while offering best-in-class products and services including through alliances with global partners.

Our Philosophy

"my" in myWay stands for our customers, employees & the ethics that the company stands for.

We want to work with our business partners with the vision of helping them grow their business "their way". We will support them to the fullest extent possible.

Our Employees are also our assets and we would not want them to change their attitude. We would like them to work & improve productivity "their way".

And last of all, the company would not get into any unethical practice of doing business. It is 'myWay' of doing things".

Leadership Team

Vivek SharmaGeneral Manager